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ELMAS pilot project - WÖHR Combiparker Automated Parking

ELMAS pilot project - WÖHR Combiparker Automated Parking

07 Apr. 2022

In the current context, cities are severely affected by the parking crisis. The number of cars has grown at a very fast pace, posing major problems to the process of urban development. Travelling by car is a necessity, as most of the workplaces are outside the cities, while the homes, the headquarters of the state institutions, the hospitals, the polyclinics, the kindergartens, the schools and the universities are inside the city. In conclusion, there is a need for parking both at home and within the city. ELMAS, the regional specialist in the field of lifting equipment, proposes advanced solutions for the parking place crisis, which can satisfy the needs of the cities. 

The pilot project for the ELMAS Combiparker WÖHR automated parking is under development and will be located in the conventional parking lot at the ELMAS headquarters in Brașov. It will have a footprint of approximately 80 square meters and will allow the vertical storage of a maximum of 25 cars.

The ELMAS Combiparker automated parking is based on a WÖHR parking system and it is a compact parking solution, which will save space and will provide operating efficiency. This pilot system will be built in the above ground version, with one row, 4 columns and 5 parking levels. Depending on the customer's application, this modular parking system may be resized.

In the entry area, the pilot parking system will be provided with 4 access doors. The user will be guided by visual signals to one of the car handover doors. By means of an access card or of a smartphone application, the user will open the available gate and enter the indicated lane, stop the engine, apply the parking brake and close the car. Before leaving the car park, also by means of the access card or the application, the user will confirm the previous operations on the digital panel and will leave the car park. 

The pilot parking system will command the closing of the access gate, and the car will be placed inside the system automatically and completely safe. In order to pick up the car, the user will use the same card at the digital panel, which will display the access gate from where the vehicle can be picked up.

Advantages of the ELMAS Combiparker automated parking system

• The car is positioned in the reception area and it is picked up by the user much  simpler and faster, compared to the classic parking lots with concrete ramps, on several levels. The automated parking eliminates the stress specific to ramped parking lots, and the risk of damage to the vehicle is almost non-existent;
• Cars parked in the automated parking system, compared to the classic systems with ramps, are not exposed to vandalism, scratches, damage, theft, etc.
• The whole system is automated and it is monitored remotely 24/7;
• As access ramps are not required for automated parking, and there are only handover areas, and the parking spaces are limited to car sizes, the car park can be efficiently located in places less accessible to conventional car parks;
• The modular parking system allows different widths and lengths;
• Compact parking, space saving.

The ELMAS Combiparker automated parking pilot system will clearly bring an advantage over a classic car park, which currently requires large areas of land, does not provide protection for cars, consumes time to find available parking space and generates pollution.