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Innovative solutions

Innovative solutions

Elmas Combiparker - pilot project under development

The pilot project of the automated parking ELMAS Combiparker WÖHR system, which is being developed, will be located in the perimeter of the conventional parking lot at the ELMAS headquarters, in Brașov.

It will use a footprint of about 80 square meters and will allow the vertical storage of a maximum of 25 cars. ELMAS Combiparker automated parking system is based on a WÖHR parking system and a compact parking solution, which will save space and operate efficiently. This pilot system will be made in the above ground version, with one row, 4 columns and 5 parking levels. Depending on the customer's application, this modular parking system may be resized.

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UVECO – elevator cabin air purification module

UVECO, made by ELMAS, is a module used to decontaminate the air in passenger elevators with the aid of ultraviolet light from the UV-C range.

Ultraviolet light decontamination from the UV-C range is a very efficient method, used in other fields: medical, food, drinking water treatment, retail, etc.

One or more UVECO modules can be installed, depending on the volume of the elevator cabin and the requirements of the users. Recirculation and neutralization of cabin air is performed automatically.

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Mobile charging stations

The mobile charging stations for industrial batteries are designed and developed by ELMAS to meet the demands of customers in the market that record increases of the electric forklift trucks fleet.

Manufactured in Romania, the mobile charging stations provide an efficient management of the industrial battery charging process and are designed to operate in the outdoor environment.

In the delimited area located outside the buildings or industrial halls, electricity supply
(400 V) is required, as well as the water supply and the earthing belt.

Advantages offered by mobile charging stations:
- economy of space dedicated to production
- low manufacturing costs compared to a fixed station
- automation of the charging process and parameters monitoring
- environmental protection
- minimal service costs
- reliability and high operating efficiency.

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Slewing jib cranes

Handling of relatively light loads in different working environments (production facilities, warehouses, etc.) are often time-consuming and generate additional physical effort for operators.

Starting from these requirements, ELMAS has designed its own range of jib cranes to ensure handling of loads up to 2000 kg.

Two versions are available:
- slewing jib cranes with IPE beam jib
- slewing jib cranes with I beam jib.

We offer our customers a high range of customized equipment by providing various lifting mechanisms (eg electric, pneumatic, manual hoists) and the standard color palette.

High degree of maneuverability and productivity of Elmas jib cranes provide an optimal flow of material to the workspaces they serve.

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CIRRO "A" - electric elevator

We have the ability to develop integrated quality products throughout the flow, starting from concept, design, production, assembly and ending with after sales assistance (service, spare parts).

The CIRRO "A" electric elevator designed for high energy efficiency in operation is the optimal solution for vertical transport of passengers in medium height buildings.

This room-less elevator is a EC-certified product, it is part of the energy class A and is manufactured in Romania.

It is available in two variants (nominal load 450 kg and 630 kg), has a travel speed of 1 m s and a service life of 25 years.

Advantages of the new CIRRO "A" electric elevator:
- low energy consumption
- high efficiency in operation
- innovative design
- easy integration into the existing building shafts
- low noise level
- low maintenance costs.

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ARHI SAFE – automated archive

ARHI SAFE is an automated vertical archiving solution that uses only 25 square meters on the ground and can store up to 19 tons of documents.

It is made up of a thermo-insulated metal construction on the outside, and encloses the Hänel Lean Lift type archive and storage system.

The entire structure can be attached to an existing building or can be mounted independently.

The solution is applicable to companies in different industries that generate a medium and high volume of documents and need quick and efficient access to the archive, and to public institutions that work with a high volume of documents (libraries, courts, pension institutions). The ARHI SAFE automated archive system is based on a 86 containers storage system, with the size of 326 x 1035 mm / each container, which provides for the storage of approximately 3096 boxes of documents.

In order to keep the paper documents in best conditions, a conditioning and recirculation system has been implemented which ensures three functions: heating, cooling and drying.

The ARHI SAFE automated archive system interface allows for easy implementation within the company's PC network and the most popular ERP systems.

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SED – Distance Monitoring System

For remote monitoring of electrical / electronic equipment through the GSM mobile network, ELMAS has developed the SED systems.

SED has an electronic microprogrammed base and can monitor all types of transducer events into electrical signals via electronic transducers.
The electrical information received from the transducers is encoded by the microprocessor and transformed into data packages in SMS format or for online communication in the CSD system.

By means of a dedicated software, the PC, smartphone and / or tablet interface has also been developed to enable information to be managed by a dispatch service.

This system brings more benefits:
- safety in use due to permanent monitoring of the equipment
- high reliability of industrial machinery in operation
- the exact knowledge of the nature of defects occurred in the equipment - short intervention times for the service technicians team
- low service costs for the equipment provided with this device.

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