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Optimal working environment

Optimal working environment

We are constantly committed to creating and providing our employees with optimum work conditions that lead to increased productivity and keep a high level of occupational health and safety.

In this way, ELMAS generates competitive products and personalized services for its customers.

Implementation of ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 50001 standards in the management policy have the role of continuously maintaining all the processes within the company in accordance with the European norms.

Following the investment made in a modern canteen at our industrial cranes and metal structures production plant, our employees benefit from a varied menu in a friendly and pleasant environment.

Each employee can choose between different menu variants from the info kiosk set up within the company or through the application developed for PC access.

In addition to the access to the modern cafeteria, Elmas offers its employees other benefits such as flexible working hours, access to free medical consultations in the company's practice, free transportation for local employees.