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Social responsability

Social responsability

ELMAS takes on social responsibility, which is a prerequisite for our lasting success.

We aim to create values with integrity for clients, employees, company's partners and community by acting honestly and transparently. All our actions pay great respect for people and the environment.

Integrity, trust, partnership and solidarity - are the four essential points that define ELMAS philosophy.

For ELMAS, sustainable development has a strong moral impact.

We start from the realistic premise that, on the dowry they inherit, each generation builds its future. Thus, from this point of view, it is the duty of the current generation to give the new and the future coming, at least the same chances that it has inherited.

The principles described here represent new minimum standards.

We are constantly involved in the social life of the community, actively supporting long-term projects.

We support education

ELMAS is one of the founding members of the Kronstadt Vocational School, the first vocational school to adopt the dual German education model in Romania. Established with the active support of 11 global famous companies represented in the Brasov area, the vocational school offers students the opportunity to be professionally trained in close cooperation with and under the guardianship of the economic agents. Young people learn in modern and performing conditions, technical qualifications sought on the labor market.

We also support the actions developed by the Architecture Association in preschool, primary and secondary education with the aim of promoting architecture and built environment education.
Elmas has chosen to be actively involved in the "Scoala Altfel" program, working both with kindergartens and schools, within Brasov County.

We support sport and movement

Every year we support the development and performance of various sports activities (women's handball, hockey, cycling etc.).

We support culture

We consider it important to create easy access to culture, therefore we support various actions in this area (eg. Brasov Jazz&Blues Festival, C’Art Fest, Comedy Week, Ovidiu Carpusor – plastic artist).

We support tomorrow's leaders

We are an active partner in the program developed by AFAFCI Brasov for the training of entrepreneurs among students from the top high schools in Brasov (Andrei Saguna, Dr. Ioan Mesota, Áprily Lajos, Grigore Moisil etc.).

We support the community

A socially accountable company is a company that is actively involved in the life of the community it belongs to, a company that contributes to the development of the society.

We support the environment

We participate and support various actions to protect the environment.