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Production capacities

Production capacities

In order to offer competitive products and equipment in the market, important investments have been made in the production facilities, aligned with the European standards.

By acquiring modern equipment and technologies we ensure a high level of quality and productivity:
- CNC laser cutting equipment
- CNC plasma cutting and oxy-gas cutting, drilling, threading equipment
- CNC equipment for plasma and oxy-gas cutting of profiles / pipes
- water jet cutting machine
- CNC 5 axes milling machine
- automatic blasting equipment
- painting booth
- flux core arc automatic multitrack welding
- Mig-Mag welding equipment

These facilities are located in Brasov and cover the following segments:
- manufacturing of industrial cranes, elevators and metal structures;
- forklift trucks remanufacture.

Manufacture of industrial cranes, elevators and metal structures

The modern production plant located in Brasov (Calea Feldioarei 33) is dedicated to the manufacture of industrial cranes (portal cranes, jib cranes), overhead travelling cranes, ELMAS elevators and metal structures with application in various industries.

Throughout our production flow, we ensure a high level of quality to generate competitive products that meet our customers' needs, both nationally and internationally.
All products manufactured by ELMAS bear the CE marking that indicates compliance with European standards in the industry.

Remanufacture of forklift trucks

The forklift trucks refurbishment line located in Brasov (1y Grivitei Blvd.) involves the re-use of viable, undegradable components resulting from dismantling, testing and rehabilitation for subsequent reassembly in a reliable equipment.

This re-manufacturing process applies only to forklift trucks with advanced stage of degradation, unsaleable, with expired operating life, regardless of whether they are taken from the customer, redeemed or released from a buy back contract.

This process involves the complete truck dismantling, checking and replacing the subassemblies and used components, in comparison with a reconditioning phase.
The refurbished forklift trucks benefit a 2 years warranty/2000 hours and 10 years operating life, service and spare parts. The product resulting from the re-manufacturing process is intended for sale or rent.

Acest proces de refabricare conduce la o economie de resurse si materii prime avand un impact pozitiv asupra mediului inconjurator.

This re-manufacturing process leads to a resource and raw materials economy with a positive impact on the environment.