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One of our company values is represented by the sustainable economy.

By acting sustainable and responsibly in business, we are committed to respecting human rights, working norms and protecting the environment.

We identify risks and opportunities early and are open to the change processes needed for a sustainable and responsible economy.

Sustainability is an integral part of ELMAS's strategy and development.


Our adopted management makes our company to get actively involved in protecting the environment.
Climate protection and energy efficiency are at the core of our strategy, and we are adopting various effective solutions:

Photovoltaic park on our own production hall
With a surface of 500 square meters, this photovoltaic panels park generates 300 kWh green energy for the production process.

LED lighting technology
For outdoor perimeter lighting of the production, service, warehouse and administrative facilities, we only use LED technology.

Car fleet
We have introduced four 100% zero emission vehicles and two hybrid cars used by the company employees for business-related travels.

Rain water recycling
Rain water harvested in a 100 mc storage tank is used for watering and maintenance of green spaces at the headquarters of Brasov.


The occupational safety and health of our employees are of great importance and we offer them access to a friendly work environment.

Employee skills and abilities are recognized in our company as the most valuable asset and we highly appreciate our relationship with our staff by providing improvement and development opportunities.

Elmas provides equal opportunities for all employees regardless of age, gender, nationality and religion.