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Immersion into Brâncuși's World

Immersion into Brâncuși's World

19 May. 2021

The “Bird in The Air” – a creative design combined with a bold, functional and safe concept.

Source: Bucher Hydraulics official website

The uniquely designed elevator called “Pasărea Măiastră” is an award-winning technological masterpiece. This elevator masterpiece was created with modern technology and innovative technical solutions.

Ten years ago, a representative of the Dorin Ștefan Architecture Office of the Constantin Brâncuși International Centre of Craiova contacted the company ELMAS with a design project – “Pasărea Măiastră” meaning “Bird in The Air.” The project was a tribute to the great Romanian sculptor, a central figure of the modern art movement. ELMAS was asked for an expert's opinion for a special elevator to be integrated into the architectural project. In 2018, ELMAS analyzed the data and proposed a technical solution which was approved.

ELMAS designers developed the concept and designed the platform for the future passengers. Bold and exceptional solutions were implemented to satisfy functional safety. A unique glass prism elevator was created that perfectly fits the existing architecture, offering visitors a 360 º visual experience during their ride. The elevator was manufactured entirely by ELMAS, and it was assembled and checked in detail in the elevator pre-assembly hall. Several shipments transported the elevator’s components to the Center of Arts in Craiova. An ELMAS specialized team installed the elevator in stages, made adjustments, and conducted tests and trial runs.

The Challenge

It was a challenge to incorporate a uniquely designed elevator into the architectural design. Due to the complexity of the project, several of the contacted elevator manufacturers could not deliver a technical and aesthetic solution that would fit into the theme of the architectural ensemble.

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