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The biggest industrial cranes for loads of 150 and 360 tones, a premiere in the Brasov industry

The biggest industrial cranes for loads of 150 and 360 tones, a premiere in the Brasov industry

07 May. 2020

Specialized in the lifting equipment industry, the ELMAS company from Brasov has signed a contract with an European partner to produce two industrial cranes with load capacity for 150 and, respectively 360 tones.

ELMAS will design, manufacture and install these cranes that will be used in the hydroelectric energy production sector.

Elmas’s expertise in lifting and handling equipment has a history of three decades. The company was established in 1990, and since 1993 has become the agency of Demag Cranes & Components GmbH in Romania and manufacture a full range of industrial cranes, with application in various industries.

Since 2014, ELMAS has developed its production capacity, investing over 5 million euros in a factory and additional equipment with modern technologies in the production of metallic structures and industrial cranes. The production plant also benefits from a photovoltaic panels park that generates 300 kW / hour and provides mostly of the energy needed for the production flow.

Based on the constant investments in technology and specialized human resources, ELMAS achieved a turnover of 152.5 million RON in 2019, in a slight increase compared to the previous year.

400 employees, eight national locations and subsidiaries in Moldova, Hungary, Bulgaria, Israel, with research and development, design, production, service and sales divisions, make ELMAS a company with a dynamic development in the Romanian economic outlook.

The current product portfolio covers a large part of the lifting equipment sector: forklift trucks, industrial cranes, elevators, car parking systems, storage systems and forestry equipment.