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Winner of  Elevator World Project of the Year 2020 with MEGA ELEVATOR

Winner of Elevator World Project of the Year 2020 with MEGA ELEVATOR

10 Jan. 2020

After the success registered last year with the unique elevator from Bran Castle, the Romanian company based in Brasov, ELMAS, was awarded this year as well, at the world competition organized by Elevator World USA, "Special purpose lifts" category, with the lift MEGA ELEVATOR delivered and mounted in Tel Aviv, Israel.

In order to meet the customer demand in the automotive industry, the engineering team of the design department from ELMAS Company developed the best technical solution to ensure the highest safety standards, with daily service of at least 25 years.

The request of the beneficiary consisted in the vertical movement, inside the plant, from one level to another, of heavy duty industrial equipment and of the elements from the production line, with atypical dimensions and loads. The elevator manufactured by Elmas is unique due to its dimensions and integrated special safety devices. It can carry 6.000 kg vertically, having 3 stops, a cabin with stainless steel finish, a travel distance of 11 meters and a speed of 0.38 m/s. The cabin of the elevator is 5 meters wide, 4 meters deep and 4 meters high, being equipped with 2 control operating panel, door lock button, alarm button, LCD display with cabin location, direction indicator, intercom, overload device and remote monitoring system.

In case of power failure, the elevator is equipped with a PowerScale 10-20 kVa uninterruptible power system (UPS), with flexible battery management. In order to ensure a high degree of safety, the main control panel of the elevator does not allow the doors to be closed or the elevator to leave the station, if not all the safety circuits provided are confirmed.

Another challenge of this project was to find the most efficient solution for equipping the elevator with robust automatic doors with vertical opening in two sections, produced by Peelle Company, from Canada. The doors of the elevator have the dimensions: 5000x3000 mm and are equipped with light curtain, a limit system buzzer, a safety mechanical lock, an interlock, an area switch and an unlocking device.

Due to the heavy load of MEGA ELEVATOR, the Elmas engineering team adopted an additional safety solution during the elevator loading, consisting of 4 hydraulic locking devices (Algi GmbH manufacturer) placed under the cabin to limit spring deflection during loading.

The hydraulic drive system of the elevator is manufactured by Bucher Hydraulics, with tandem version, the hydraulic cylinders having a length of 11.26 meters and being operated by two hydraulic groups.

ELMAS company was founded in 1990 in Brasov, with 100% Romanian capital, currently having workstations in the country and branches in Bulgaria, Hungary, Republic of Moldova and recently in Israel. The main activity of the company is manufacturing lifting and handling equipment, thus reaching a turnover of over 31 million Euros in 2018.