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ELMAS is preparing its new generation of employees

ELMAS is preparing its new generation of employees

18 Jan. 2022

What the students who did their internship and who chose to remain employees of the Brașov company say.

ELMAS, one of the leading regional and national manufacturers of lifting equipment, sees in the dual education system a number of mutually beneficial opportunities, in the company-community and company-society relationship. Thus, in partnership with the Kronstadt Vocational School, the Remus Răduleț Technical College and the Brașov Transportation Technical College, ELMAS offers students the opportunity to carry out practical internship activities in various fields specific to the company's profile. In this way, the students train on the actual job together with ELMAS workshops teams, acquire knowledge about the profession in an effective and organised manner and are awarded at the end an accredited qualification, adapted to the current needs of the labour market. Of course, the company also gains a genuine advantage as, at the end of the internship, many students are hired in the departments they carried out the internship in, with clear prospects for professional development. During the internship, students benefit from full educational support from the company, the monthly scholarship of 200 lei, and are also provided free transportation and meals at the company’s canteen.

The 2020-2021 period was difficult in terms of organising the internship at the company's headquarters but, observing all health standards and the trust we were given, we managed to welcome the students for their internships and thus they acquired the information needed for their final projects, according to the representatives of the Brașov company. Asked about his opinion on the students' internship with ELMAS, Ioan Lupșor, internship teacher at the Brașov Transportation Technical College, said that “the partnership with ELMAS has been going on for over 3 years. Internship tutors are good professionals, and the students have gained knowledge to become good mechanics.We want to maintain and continue the collaboration with the Brașov company, having regard to the fact that internships are carried out at the highest standards.” 

“I did the internship at Elmas on the recommendation of a friend who told me that it is very nice there and that I will learn many things. A day of internship: I go to the station to take the Elmas bus, I arrive at the company, I change in the locker room, I disinfect myself, I go to the workshop I was assigned to and I start to work. I get along very well with the internship tutors and I think that the internship with this company will provide me with a job. After I finish school, I think I will get a job, if I don't go abroad,” says Clinciu Florin, a student at the Brașov Transportation Technical College who chose to become a car mechanic.

“From the first day of internship, I got along well with the employees and made new friends. I did my first year of internship with another company and I did not enjoy it very much, and then I decided to come to Elmas, on a recommendation by a classmate. Every day of internship with Elmas helps to learn the trade of mechanic, and the internship supervisor shows me new things. In the future, I want to get a job as a mechanic with Elmas, because I learned most of the things here,” says Kovacs Zsolt, student at the Brașov Transportation Technical College.

From the students who finished in 2021 their dual vocational education and who completed internships with the company, ELMAS hired 7 students in the last quarter of 2021, in different departments: elevators, forklifts, production warehouse.

Andor Dragos, a former intern who attended the Remus Răduleț Technical College, currently an employee of the company, says: “I am employed in the industrial cranes department as a storekeeper and I adapted quite quickly and developed professionally. The relationship with my colleagues is good, I get along well with them, I help them when they need it and they also help me, we are friends.  I want a long-term collaboration and I intend to take a forklift course organised by the company.”

“I feel very good as a former student and a current employee, I like what I do, I am very interested and I want to learn as much as possible from my colleagues about the installation of elevators. I have a very good relationship with my colleagues. The work tasks are a bit difficult, but I've gotten used to it and I like what I do. I want a long-term collaboration and I want to continue to learn as much as possible about elevators,” said Găitan Ionuț - former intern, who attended the Kronstadt Vocational School, currently an electro-mechanic in the Elevators Installation department.

“The internship with Elmas helped me adjust much easier and learn faster. I want to be employed in the company for a long time and I am motivated by the fact that I am curious and I want to find out and learn almost everything, and to be the best in what I do in my profession,” explained Pîrîială Constantin - former intern, who attended the Kronstadt Vocational School, electro-mechanic in the Forklift Trucks Service department.

ELMAS has chosen to organise vocational training and organisational education programmes to prepare new generations for the company, the community and the society of which it is a part. With an experience extending over 3 decades, ELMAS is the regional specialist in the field of lifting systems and continuously develops optimal solutions for use in different sectors. 400 employees, eight national places of business and subsidiaries in Moldova, Hungary, Bulgaria, Israel, with facilities for research and development, design, production, service and with sales divisions, make ELMAS a Romanian company with a dynamic development in the national economic landscape.