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Energy Roadshow Linde 2018

Energy Roadshow Linde 2018

16 Oct. 2018

The concept developed by the German manufacturer Linde Material Handling has provided access to the latest technology in the field of electric forklifts. The Roadshow held in Russia, Slovenia, Slovakia arrived in Romania on October 16, 2018, at the work point Elmas of Ploiesti.

Participants present at the event have received complete information about Linde solutions using Li-ION technology and hydrogen fuel cells.

Demonstrations were made with the new forklift Linde Roadster Li-ION (called the perfect forklift truck) which brings more innovations in the field: the design of the cab eliminates the A-pol, optimally illuminated with two-color LED bands on the column and rear, Linde Safety Pilot, optical TruckSpot warning system for backwards, maintenance and emissions-free Li-Ion battery.

Among the equipment displayed was Linde L14 Electric Pallet Stacker fueled by hydrogen fuel cells.